NWSC Spelling Bee Winners for 2018

Picture NWSC Spelling Bee Winners 2018
  • Spelling Bee winners from the February 7, 2018, NWSC Regional Spelling Bee were Ainsley Boucher from Crookston, Chase Steinbach from Indus, Zane Hiller from Bemidji, and Elise Lockner from Bemidji.  They compete at the State Spelling Bee in Fergus Falls at the Lakes Country Service Cooperative on February 20th.

Multiregional Spelling Bee Winner

    On Her Way to the National Spelling Bee


    When Ainsley Boucher correctly spelled irides at the Multi-Region State Spelling Bee, she earned her second trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.  Ainsley, an 8th grader from Crookston, also won last year and is very excited for the opportunity to return.  The 1st runner-up is Sophia Beach, an 8th grader from Park Christian who will attend the National Bee should Ainsley not be able to.


    Ainsley credits her success to the fact that she has always liked spelling and loves to read.  “I find languages interesting and I think that helps me with spelling.”


    When asked by the state coordinator Susan Ward how she managed to spell words that she was not familiar with, Ainsley commented that “the  words were challenging but I tried to use my knowledge of patterns, rules, and roots to piece words together.  For example, to spell the word cinematheque I knew cinema was the root and I knew bibliotheque meant library in France, so I used that suffix with the root and came up with the correct spelling.”


    Ainsley knows that the Bee this year will be amazing.  According to her, the trip was absolutely fantastic last year and she is thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to return. 


    The Multi-Region State Bee is held at Lakes Country Service Cooperative and sponsored by seven regional cooperatives throughout the state.  We all wish Ainsley luck and know that this may be the year that Minnesota gets its second National Champion.

2018 State Winner

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