• Northwest Service Cooperative Programs

    Many services are offered at the Northwest Service Cooperative for school districts, cities, counties and other governmental agencies.
    These services are in the areas of adult basic education, cooperative purchasing, educational services, health & safety management programs, insurance, media services, professional development, technology and student programs. However, the services categorized under "Member Services" are the following:
    1. City/County/Other Governmental Agency Services
    2. Employee Worksite Wellness Program - this program is available to all the NWSC members that are members of the school or C/C/OGA Health Insurance Pools. There are two free Wellness Conferences a year, one in October and one in March for all the volunteer worksite wellness coordinators, wellness committee members or members of the HIP (health insurance pools). The Member Services coordinator provides resources, materials to lend out, direction for wellness programs and ideas for healthier lifestyle choices that will directly impact the costs incurred in the health insurance pools. Contact Chris Wavra for further information.
    3.Workshops - Several workshops are presented annually. School Finance Workshops are offered in August at the NWSC by Dr. Bruce Jensen. Administrative Professional Day Forum is offered on Administrative Professional Day, at the Fireside Grill in Bagley, MN. The forum has become an annual event for all administrative professionals in the school districts, cities, counties and other governmental agencies who are members of the NWSC.
Last Modified on June 23, 2016