2017 Essential Elements for Effective Teachers


This 2 day workshop will provide continuing education units as required in five areas by Minnesota state statutes for teacher licensure renewal.

Day 1:  Monday, June 12, 2017

Warnings Signs of Mental Health Disorders & Trauma Impacts the Classroom  (6 hours) presented by Tim Denney, Training Coordinator, Northwestern Mental Health Center.  Addresses understanding of key warning signs for early-onset mental illness in children and adolescents (MN Statutes 122.09, 122A.18 amended by Special Session, Chapter 9, Article 2, Section 7) Addresses understanding of new MN Teaching License Renewal Condition Beginning August 2017 all teachers wishing to renew their license will be required to have an additional one hour of suicide prevention in order to renew a professional five year teaching license. (2016 Minnesota Session Laws, Chapter 189, Article 24, Section 1, Subdivision 4, Paragraph N)

Adverse childhood experiences, including various forms of abuse, neglect, domestic disruption and disturbances, and family substance abuse are now known to have a trauma-like impact on some children, especially in their younger years.  Research has shown that the impact of these traumatic experiences affect neurological development, school and social functioning, and long-term emotional and physical health.  The share of the typical classroom of children and adolescents who are impacted by these traumatic events is estimated to be 20-30%. 

Added to this course will be the complete training “Question, Persuade, Refer,” or QPR.  QPR is a nationally-recognized training for non-mental health professionals that provides strategies for asking the right questions of a person who may be experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts. Along with strategies for questioning, the learners will learn tips for persuading people to seek help. 

Day 2:  Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Reading across the Content Area (1.5 hours) Presented by Jake Seuntjens, NWSC Education Services Coordinator Make your classroom text more accessible for students through the use of effective reading comprehension strategies. In this session, we will explore best practice reading strategies that work for students in various content areas. Deepen their understanding of the content by implementing strategies to improve background knowledge, effectively using vocabulary strategies and teaching text features. (MN Rules, part 8710.7200, subpart2)

 ELL: Best Practices in English Language Learner Instruction: (1.5 hours) This session will cover best practices and strategies for teaching English Language Learners. Support newcomers to more advanced ELL with strategies that support their Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills as well as Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency. The session will meet the new Minnesota Relicensure Requirements.

Integration of Technology:  (1.5 hours) presented by Gina Drellack, NWSC Education Services ~ Addresses best practices, resources, ongoing professional learning and classroom tools for integrating technology into teacher instruction and student learning. **Addresses activities that integrate technology effectively with student learning to increase engagement and student achievement (MN Rules, part 8710, 7200, subpart 2)

Accommodation, Modification and Adaptation of Curriculum Materials and Instruction    (1.5 hours) presented by Kyle Erickson ~This session provides an overview of accommodation, modification and adaptation of curriculum materials and instruction to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards. (MN Statutes, 122A.09)

Kyle Erickson is a UND graduate with degrees in elementary and special education.  She taught elementary special education for twelve years at Warren/Alvarado/Oslo. In 2005 she earned a master's degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her previous positions include Education Services Director with the NW Service Cooperative, Learner Support Services Director for the Thief River Falls School District, and Technology Director at the East Grand Forks District. In July of 2016, she completed her administrative licensure program at MSUM and is currently the Director of Special Education for the NWRIC. 


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