ICS Partners with NWSC

Building Strong Connections

  • How ICS Partners with You

    ICS has partnered with all nine of the different service cooperatives across Minnesota.  In partnership with you, our team offers a variety of innovative facility solutions including:

    • Long Term Facilities Maintenance (LTFM) Management
    • Long-Range Planning and Capital Improvement Planning
    • Energy Efficiency and Monitoring Services
    • Technical Services



    Where You Can Find Us

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  • NWSC members receive a 10% discount on ICS planning services. 


    NW Service Cooperative partners with facilities planning company ICS to offer members assistance with facility management and construction services. ICS strives to improve schools, build safer communities, and ensure facility planning success.

    ICS  is a leading professional services firm focused on providing strategic facility planning, design and construction services. ICS bridges the technical gap between your vision and the complex processes of planning, development, design, implementation of projects, and on-going operations. With a goal of enhancing the entire process from planning through project completion for a wide variety of clients, our approach is to effectively utilize and leverage our internal expertise while encouraging collaboration with other project professionals to ensure successful project outcomes. We have the expertise in the complexities of planning and construction and aspire to be a trusted advisor with a custom-tailored, collaborative approach for each client.




  • About Us

    Since 2006, ICS has been partnering with owners, architects, engineers, and other construction professionals to fulfill the mission of: positively impacting people through innovative facility solutions.  As a whole, we help plan, build, and operate your facilities well. Today, the ICS team consists of 95 innovators who all lead through the ICS core values, which include:

    • We Care
    • Integrity
    • Quality
    • Collaboration
    • Smart Innovation