• To simplify the registration process please read the directions below.

    • Click on the Register button in the upper right of the screen. 

    • Enter your birthdate and click Submit. (You must be 18 years or older to register due to Internet compliancy regulations). 

    • Please fill out the form that displays and especially the required fields. (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Sign-In Name, Password and Confirming Password.) Tip: we recommend that you fill in all the fields. Registering online for workshops will be easier for you and the NWSC programs hosting the workshops if we have all your information. Please enter your grade level or position in the “title” box. You can enter your school name in the first address line and your school’s address in the second address line. 

    • Once your registration has been accepted, please sign into the website by clicking the Sign In button in the upper right of the screen. 

    • After you have signed in with your user name and password, you will need to click on the My Account button that appears at the upper right of the screen if you are not directed to your account information.

    • You will now see your profile displayed and available to edit if necessary. Scroll down until you see  Subscriptions

    • Click on Manage Subscriptions.

    • NWSC will appear in the dropdown list. Check it.
    Select Other Areas.  Choose the appropriate programs you would like to subscribe to by clicking in the checkbox. We suggested you choose Upcoming Events.
    • Click on I'm done  when finished.  This will bring you back to your account page where you can sign out.

    • Remember you can always come back to My account and edit your subscriptions at any time. 

    If you do have questions please use the Questions/Feedback link at the bottom of any web page.

Last Modified on April 6, 2016