Regional COMPASS formerly RCE

  • July 1, 2024, The Regional Center of Excellence Programs will transition to the new COMPASS program.


  • On July 1, 2024, the RCEs will transition to COMPASS. Collaborative Minnesota Partnerships to Advance Student Success (COMPASS) is a statewide education system created through a collaboration between MDE and the Minnesota Service Cooperatives. COMPASS provides regional, coordinated, continuous improvement support to all districts and Tribal and charter schools in Minnesota.   

  • With the COMPASS model of support, all NWSC member districts will have access to support in the following areas:

    • MNMTSS (Minnesota Multi-Tiered System of Supports) Lead: Michelle Johnson
    • Culturally Responsive School Leadership: Carl Dugstad
    • Math Lead: Marcella Melby
    • Literacy Lead: Adrienne Eickman
    • AIE (American Indian) Focus: Colleena Bibeau
    • Climate/Culture Specific: Meagen Bodeker
    • Literacy Coach: to be hired
    • School Advocates: Stacy Bender and 2 others to be hired

    These positions directly link to MDE and will support the COMPASS Statewide system of support for all schools within the region. (Cohorts, networks, coaching, communication, reporting…)

    For year 3 of identification, schools currently receiving support from RCE advocates will continue. A transition plan is being established to minimize disruptions to the work as the new COMPASS Statewide System of Support launches by July 1, 2024. New ESSA identifications will be in 2025.

    Contact Information
    Becca Neal, Supervisor                                              
    Regional COMPASS Supervisor
    114 1st Street West
    Thief River Falls, MN  56701
    Phone: 218-416-8293