Health & Safety Program

  • NWSC has qualified staff to provide health, safety, environmental, and occupational services to meet all regulatory requirements. With a long list of satisfied clients, our programs are managed by well-trained, experienced field representatives.

  • Brian Byklum is the project coordinator for Health & Safety. Brian holds certifications and qualifications in the following:

    • US. EPA Accredited Building Inspector and Management Planner
    • Accredited Asbestos Project Designer
    • Asbestos Operations and Maintenance
    • Asbestos Certified Site Supervisor
    • Asbestos Certified Abatement Contractor
    • Indoor Air Quality Investigator
    • OSHA Course 501 - Guide to Voluntary Compliance in Safety and Health/Certified Instructor
    • OSHA Course in Industrial Hygiene
    • Blood borne Pathogens Standard
    • Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene
    • Certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor
    • Certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)
    • Nationally certified Playground Inspector


    Brian Byklum, Project Coordinator

    Phone: 218-681-0900 x4 or 218-688-0024

       Fax 218-681-0915



Ron Rudd picture
  • Ron Rudd

  • Ron Ruud is the assistant project coordinator. Ron is licensed as:

    • an Asbestos Site Supervisor,
    • certified as a Breath Alcohol Technician
    • completed the OSHA 30 hour course


    Ron Ruud, Project Assistant

    Phone: 218-689-3826


Photo of Brian Byklum
  • Brian Byklum

Laura Bruley
  • Laurie Bruley

  • Laurie Bruley is a project assistant. 

    Laurie is licensed as:

    • Completed the OSHA 30 hour course
    • Asbestos Site Supervisor

    Phone 218-289-4174


Last Modified on June 14, 2023