Health Insurance Pool

  • Northwest Service Cooperative provides a group health purchasing coalition of local governmental entities including schools, cities, counties and other governmental agencies (hereinafter referred to as pool members). As the fiscal host of self-funded group health pools, Northwest Service Cooperative provides members with health insurance information and specific strategies aimed at minimizing and/or controlling rising health care expenses. Some of the strategies include:
    • Assumption of Risk
    • Care Support/Disease Management
    • New Alternative Health Benefit Designs
    • Purchasing Coalition
    • Risk Management and Pooling Excess Claims
    • Provider Network
    • Joint Request for Proposals
    • Health Care Utilization Reports
    • Consumer Information
    • Joint Purchasing Supplemental Benefits
    • Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) Trusts
    • Advisory Council
    • Financial Management
    • Informational Workshops
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  • For more Health Insurance Information, contact
    Dan Weir
    Email: Dan
Last Modified on January 10, 2019