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    The Cooperative Purchasing Program at NWSC can help fulfill your purchasing needs while making your buying process more efficient!

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  • Program Benefits 

    • Volume Counts! The combined purchasing power of our members creates substantial discounts on products available from our partnered vendors. 
    • Expertise On Your Side!  The CP team is dedicated to providing you with the best price, quality, and service available.  
    • Satisfies Bid Requirements! Our formal bids and RFPs meet the competitive bidding laws so you can purchase off our contracts without needing to bid on your own. Saving you time and money!
  • Many Vendors - One Order at Express

    CPC's Express makes ordering and price comparisons simple - all from a single location with only ONE shopping cart! You get access to multile vendors, can set up your order approval process, and use flexible payment options (Purchase Order or Credit Card/P-Card). 

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  • Mercedes Coan ~ NWSC Purchasing Coordinator

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