Driver Education Class Information


    1. Driver Education classes are offered if enough students enroll. Students should sign up early. Students will be notified if classes are held.  Click here for schedule.  Choose the class dates that fits your needs. Register early.
    2. Students must be 15 years old or near 15 to enroll in the class.
    3. You must pre-register for class. You will be notified if the class for your choice of dates is to be held.  You will be notified a week before class if enrollment numbers are met.
    4. Four 2-hour sessions in the drivers simulator will be planned for each class.  Dates are given on the first day of class.
    5. Parents Note:  a parent class will be added for each session.  Dates will be given when your child is registered. 
    6. If you sign up for a class which is already full, you will be moved to the next session.


    • Class fee is $325 and must be send in with the registration to be signed up for the class. It must be paid before the first day of class. All NSF checks will be charged a $35 NSF fee for checks returned from the bank.
    • VANESSA's LAW:  Students retaking classroom and Behind-the-Wheel instruction must add an additional $75 because of extra driving time. Check total is $400. Please indicate you are retaking the class because of Vanessa's Law so the correct paperwork may be completed.
    • Make checks payable to: NW Service Cooperative
    • Mail checks and registration to: Mr. Mark Lee, Franklin Middle School, 300 Spruce Ave, Thief River Falls, MN 56701
    • No refunds are given once classroom has started.


    Class is held at the TRF School District Service Center, Drivers Education room. (230 LaBree Ave South, Thief River Falls)


    Cell phone use is not permitted during any portion of drivers training: in the classroom, in the simulator, or Behind the Wheel.  Any use of cell phone will result in a 3-month withholding of the Blue or White Card.  Cell Phones must be turned OFF.


     If you are 15, have completed class, and passed the pre-permit test, you are given a blue card which you can take to the Exam station on the west side of TRF (244 125th Ave NE). Here you will take your written permit test. You will need to bring a certified birth certificate and social security card with you.


    After you finish the driver simulator (four 2-hour sessions) and have completed 40 hours of driving with an adult (15 of which must be night driving hours), please call Mr Kjono to sign up for the four hours of Behind the Wheel training.  Mr. Kjono can be reached at 681-6940. Please leave a message.  

    Please call before if you need to change a scheduled time.  Note: If you do not showup for the scheduled driving lesson, there is a $50 charge for the time missed.



    1. Be 16 years old
    2. Have had a permit for 6 months
    3. Have had 8 hours in the driver simulator
    4. Have had 4 hours of Behind the Wheel training
    5. Be able to verify 50 or 40 hours of driving time, including 15 hours at night, on your driving log.
    6. Have received a white card from Mr. Lee or Mr. Kjono, which you will take with you to take the Road test.