2023-24 Creativity Festival

  • More than 400 students came from across our region to enjoy this years Creativity Festival at Bemidji State University on November 22nd, 2023. The day started out with registration, then each student was able to attend 3 different sessions throughout the day and enjoy their lunch. With a total of 15 presenters, students had a wide variety of sessions to attend! Sessions ranged from sciences, drawing, crafts, painting, theater, dancing and animals.

    This event is great for students to gain knowledge, both tangible and intangible, break out their creative side whether it be drawing, acting, dancing, or even facing their fears and holding a snake! Geared for students in grades 5-8, this one-day event is designed to celebrate the arts, nature, science, creativity, and problem- solving. The Creativity Festival inspires young students by encouraging self-expression, critical thinking, and creativity.

Last Modified on January 17, 2024