Regional School Nurse Consultant

  • POSITION LOCATION:  Northwest  Service Cooperative (NWSC), with placement   in the 12-county region.

    Application available: February 14, 2022—until filled

    MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES:   Plans, develops, modifies and implements regional health programs and services to eliminate or minimize health risks and problems of students that may interfere with learning; Provides in-service training and networking events; Works with schools, families and/or children that have health issues that are interfering with achievement or personal well-being; Assists school districts with contact tracing and provides consultation on issues related to COVID; and participates in conferences and meetings with teachers, administrators, and area professionals.
    EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is required.  Licensure as a Registered Nurse by the MN Board of Nursing; Licensure as a Public Health Nurse by the MN Board of Nursing; Licensure as a School Nurse by the MN Professional Licensing and Standards Board; and current CPR and First Aid certification is required.  Valid driver’s license.


    • Provide technical assistance, education/training, consultation on health and wellness issues that are related to COVID-19 planning, preparedness, response, and recovery.
    • Partnership and collaboration with MDH school health team to align and implement work activities as related to the grant.
    • Work with state and local public health and education stake holders to identify needs, gaps, resources, and priorities related to school health and early childhood especially as it related to COVID-19 response and recovery.
    • Assure that the health needs of disparate populations in MN are addressed related to at risk and vulnerable populations as appropriate.
    • Assist and/or facilitate the creation of school health topics and school nursing policies, procedures for LEAs to support compliance with state and federal statutes, in addition to accepted standards of nursing practice.
    • Support, promote and/or facilitate standardized methods of statewide school health services data collection to support the grants work for sustainability of services.
    • Develop and guide the support of evaluation, development, planning, and implementation of school-based health related services and programs including school nursing services.
    • Promote school attendance by addressing barriers to learning such as infectious diseases, e.g., COVID, influenza and pertussis, infection control and prevention, the management of students with chronic health conditions, and the impact of health and socioeconomic disparities.
    • Provide consultation and professional development to LEAs, school health personnel, school nurses, parents/guardians, and others regarding school health and school nursing issues and priorities including COVID-19 planning, response, and recovery.
    • Disseminate health, education, and evidence-based practices updates related to health and wellness concerns of children and adolescents, COVID-19, and school health. 

    PART-TIME CONTRACTED POSITION: To begin April 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.  Salary dependent upon education, qualifications, and experience.
    APPLICATION MATERIALS:   Click here to complete online applicaton  and include cover letter, application form, copies of professional licenses, college transcripts, resume, and two letters of reference.