School Advocate

  • School Advocate 

    POSITION TITLE:   School Advocate

    OPENING DATE:  April 9, 2021

    APPLICATIONS DUE:  Open until filled                                                               

    EMPLOYMENT BEGINS:  As soon as possible

    LOCATION: NW Service Cooperative~This Northern Sky Regional Center of Excellence will serve identified schools in northern Minnesota.

    Regional Centers of Excellence Overview The Regional Centers of Excellence (RCEs), in partnership with districts, schools and charters, focuses school improvement and turnaround efforts on equity and underserved student groups so that schools can meet the needs of each student and ensure that each student benefits from a high-quality school.


    Position Description The School Advocate builds the capacity of districts, schools, and charters to engage in continuous improvement, to implement the World’s Best Workforce legislation and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The ultimate goal of this position is to close achievement gaps, while increasing achievement and graduation rates for all student groups. This is a year-round, full-time position.


    Core Competencies     Ideal candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills and willingness to:
    Educational Equity
    • engage educators in conversations and action planning to ensure high levels of learning for all students and staff without exception
    • identify and eliminate structural and institutional barriers to educational opportunities resulting in improved conditions for teaching and learning
    Effective Instruction
    •  support systems and educators in becoming standards-based and standards-aligned in curriculum design, instruction, and assessment
    • support systems and educators in establishing high-functioning Professional Learning Communities

     Coaching/ Facilitation/Mentoring


    • design activities and resources to effectively deliver and evaluate professional development
    • model and develop effective team facilitation processes and protocols
    • engage in focused conversations with district and school leaders to build capacity for school turnaround and improvement
    • increase the quality and effectiveness of teams in data analysis, decision making, and collaborative implementation of instructional strategies utilizing the principles of adult learning

    Evidence / Data

    • use evidence and data in system and educator improvement, including the use of MDE secure reports, multiple types of education data, and comprehensive needs assessment to support the Continuous Improvement Process

    Active Implementation

    • assist systems and educators in identifying and implementing evidence based practices using the Active Implementation Framework


    School Advocate Competencies
    • plan, facilitate and evaluate training and networking activities for districts with schools identified for comprehensive or targeted support and improvement with a focus on
      • establishing school leadership teams
      • conducting comprehensive needs assessments
      • selecting appropriate evidence-based interventions and strategies
      • developing and implementing support and improvement plans
      • addressing resource inequities
    • knowledgeable about continuous improvement tools and resources
    • review and monitor school improvement plans for schools identified for targeted support and improvement to ensure compliance with federal requirements
    • facilitate comprehensive needs assessment and continuous improvement processes in districts with schools identified for comprehensive or targeted support and improvement
    • support districts in implementation of world’s best workforce activities and goals


    Position Requirements
    • foster positive, productive, and collaborative relationships with Regional Centers of Excellence colleagues, schools, districts, service cooperatives, and the Minnesota Department of Education
    • make appropriate and effective use of time, technology, and resources
    • complete all operational reports within a timely manner and
    • be flexible in a variety of working environments in schools, virtual or home office settings
    • be required to travel to perform the duties of the job; travel costs are reimbursed


    Desired Education, Licensure and Experience
    • experience in working with diverse groups, addressing equity issues and supporting systems in closing achievement gaps  
    • licensed administrator or educator with a minimum of five years of experience focused on collaborating with district and school leadership in the development, implementation, and monitoring of continuous improvement efforts
    • experience planning, facilitating and evaluating professional development and networking for adult learners


    Additional Service Cooperative Information

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    Contact Information:
        Rebecca Neal, Regional Center of Excellence Director
        Northwest Service Cooperative
        114 1st Street West Thief River Falls, MN 56701
    Phone: 218.686.9719
    Timeline for filling position: Open until filled
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