Create Your Student Handbook as A Professional eBook

  • Your static student handbook may be available on your school website, but is it interactive? Did you know that you can transform it into a dynamic, interactive, professional eBook? This makes your information much more accessible to students and families in your district. Your handbook instantly becomes easier to read, simpler to search and find specific topics, and is much more device-friendly. 

    Click on the images below to explore one area school's Interactive Student Handbook, created by NWSC:

    Cover of an example eBook  Inside of an eBook example






    A partnership between Minitex, Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project, and Pressbooks brings this option to you for free through your public library. Just go to and create an account. Explore this self-taught option for a do-it-yourself approach to creating your interactive student handbook! 

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    We Can Help!

    Looking to save time and effort? Hire us to help you create your own interactive student handbook, or let us do the entire project for you. Contact Gina Drellack for more information.


Last Modified on February 28, 2019