H&S Management Assistance Consultant

  • Barb has worked in the health and safety field since 1991, working with both the public and private sector. She specializes in working with counties, school districts and both small and large businesses in the northwest corner of Minnesota. Barb has worked with the Northwest Service Cooperative for over 20 years providing H&S Management Consulting Services. She specializes in mock-OSHA inspections, safety program reviews, assists districts with H&S/LTFM funding, and is a liaison between districts in the northwest region and the MN Dept of Education. Her heart is in working to make our schools a safe and healthy place to work and attend. She is always available to answer questions or provide assistance.

    Contact Information

    Barb Schmitz

    H&S Management Assistance Consultant

    20289 190th St SE

    Plummer, MN 56748

    Phone: 218-465-4009

    Cell: 218-280-9180

    Email: barb

Photo of Barb Schmitz
Last Modified on January 9, 2019