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  • The Northwest Service Cooperative offers video streaming services from Learn360. Learn360 is and affordable way to provide quality video content in your classrooms.  It has nightly updating of new content. Producers like A&E and History Channel are unique to Learn360.  WonderScape has come onboard with over 120 titles that address Common Core reading at differnt grade levels plus modules like History Kids, Science Kids, Literature Kids  all with current copyright dates.  Revealing Media has compelling videos on cyber bullying, overscheduling, peer pressure--many of the social issues young people face today.

  • Multimedia content includes:

    • Full videos
    • Video clips
    • Audio books
    • Speeches
    • Music tracks
    • Images
    • Encycopedia articles
    • Historical timelines
    • Science experiments
    • Historical Maps
    • Math activities
    • Science Diagrams
  • Contact Alice Hofstad for more information on pricing or to setup a free trial.  Purchase orders for 2021-22 are due by June 15, 2021.

    Below are the logos of some of the video producers of content available on Learn360.

Logos of suppliers of video
Last Modified on May 14, 2021