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  • Gina and I are excited to be back in person this school year providing training and support to schools in our area. We offer training in a variety of areas with in-person, virtual, or a combination of formats. The Education Services Team is able to do as short as a 1 hour training or multiple days or a series and can customize it to meet your needs. See our list below for some of the most requested trainings that we provide to school staff, students and city, county, or other government agency staff.

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    this box is checked!  Intrigued with training topics? Here are just a few examples of frequent requests:
  • Popular In-person Training Offerings:

    Content Area/Curriculum topics

    • New ELA Standards
    • Content Area Reading
    • 7-12 Reading Srategies
    • Elementary Reading Strategies and Interventions
    • Curriculum Mapping
    • Essential Learning Outcomes

    Behavior/SEL Topics

    • Positive Behavior Strategies
    • Classroom Behavior Management Strategies
    • Behavior Interventions
    • Managing Stress
    • Resilience
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    • Adult SEL Supports
    • Mental Health Awareness
    • Suicide Prevention

    Wellness/Team-building Topics

    • Love your life
    • Preferential Shapes
    • Personality Lingo
    • From Fine to Fabulous
    • Appreciation at Work
    • Bridging the Generation Gap
    • Effective Feedback
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Last Modified on January 17, 2022